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Consistent and fair lockdown rules necessary in Victoria

The Australian Industry Group has called on the Victorian Government to create lockdown rules in the state which are consistent and fair.

According to the Victorian Head of the Ai Group, Tim Piper: "The lockdown restrictions have caused great confusion to Victorian businesses, because they continually change.

"In the recent lockdown rules we were pleased that government listened to our concerns, particularly for manufacturers which were exporting to other states and overseas, but the constant changes in the restriction framework just cause unnecessary problems.

"We now have a situation where businesses which could open during our previous lockdown have been closed and some which were closed have been able to open.

"Surely we can have lockdown restrictions and rules that can be applied at particular levels, which businesses can understand and, really importantly, introduce into their business at very short notice.

"With the lockdowns occurring not irregularly and literally with a few hours notice, it’s important that businesses know ahead of time what they are going to be in for.

"Business don't like this lockdown. But consistency and certainty of what is expected of them would make it considerably less damaging," Mr Piper said.

Further Comment: Tim Piper – 0411 430 301