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Today's High Court decision will reinforce the rule of law in the construction industry

"Today's High Court decision confirming the power of Courts to order union officials to pay their own fines, will be very important in reinforcing the rule of law in the construction industry. The decision will discourage CFMEU officials from blatantly disregarding industrial laws because, if they do, they can be ordered to personally pay large fines from their own assets," Australian Industry Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said today.

"Despite numerous fines being imposed on the CFMEU and numerous strong criticisms from Judges, the CFMEU has not changed its unlawful behaviour. Hopefully, this decision will finally lead to CFMEU officials taking responsibility for their own actions and complying with the law like every citizen in a civilised society is rightly expected to do," said Mr Willox.

Summary of High Court decision

High Court Decision

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