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Ai Group response to final PC report into the Workplace Relations Framework

“The Australian Industry Group today released its response to the final report of the Productivity Commission Inquiry into the Workplace Relations Framework,” Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said today.

“The response sets out Ai Group’s views on the PC’s proposals and identifies some other significant changes that need to be made to the Fair Work Act. 

“It is clear that substantial improvements can and should be made to our workplace relations system to enable more productive performance in individual businesses and it is essential that the inquiry not become a wasted opportunity to achieve the necessary workplace relations reforms.

“Australia’s workplace relations framework is holding Australia back. It is imposing barriers to productivity improvement, competitiveness, employment growth and investment, and is not providing the adaptability that employers and employees need,” Mr Willox said.

Ai Group’s submission is available here:


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