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Ai Group welcomes Australia's accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement

"Australia's accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement will provide Australian exporters with greater transparency in the opportunities that lie in what is a $1.7 trillion market," Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said today.

"This market includes industries in which Australian exporters have comparative advantage such as construction and highway maintenance equipment; mining equipment and technology; agricultural machinery and equipment; water purification and sewage treatment equipment; environmental goods; and health and pharmaceutical supplies.

"The carve outs that the Australian negotiators have secured will ensure that our SMEs and Indigenous-managed businesses will continue to have access to the Australian government procurement market, and we will continue to protect the supply to our essential services, such as security, defence and government communication.

"As with all trade agreements, the work doesn't end here. DFAT and Austrade will need to inform Australian exporters of the opportunities and be diligent in protecting our increased access and monitoring compliance among other GPA members," Mr Willox said.

Further information on the agreement can be found at this link: DFAT/WTO Procurement Agreement

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