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Ai Group welcomes Vic Government’s change to the waste industry

The Australian Industry Group in Victoria has welcomed the State Government's decision to designate the waste industry an essential service.

“Ai Group has long called for the waste industry to be considered an essential service. Waste services are important to the consumer and our community needs a well-supported industry, so this is an important step by the Government,” Ai Group Victorian head, Tim Piper said.


"However, the 'devil is in the detail' with other announced policies looking at a container deposit levy and introducing a 4 bins system.

"Consumers may like the idea of a container levy, but its effect is questionable. People will pay more and get less back and it may undermine the recycling system. But the Government has listened to us and is not acting quickly on the levy so that is important.

"Four bins will reduce co-mingling contamination which will help with recycling which is positive. But, of course there will be trade-offs, whether it's higher costs and higher council rates or fewer bin pick-ups or some other unintended consequence.

"Consumers should understand that all these changes will cost them and the Government needs to educate us all to use these new waste arrangements properly to keep costs to a minimum," Mr Piper said.

Media enquiries: Tim Piper 0411 430 301