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Ai Group congratulates Labor Government on re-election

The Australian Industry Group congratulates the Labor Government on its resounding victory and re-election to govern Victoria for the next four years.

The Premier, Hon Daniel Andrews, and his team have been given a strong mandate to provide a positive environment for all parts of our community.

The Victorian Head of the Australian Industry Group, Tim Piper, said that business looks forward to continuing to work closely with the Government and having a positive relationship.

"The Government has offered some valuable opportunities to business and the community, headed by increased infrastructure spending, which will continue to boost the economy and jobs in many sectors. We will all benefit from those proposals.

“We were heartened by the Premier’s comments tonight that he will govern for all. It is vital for business, investment and the economy, that he takes that approach.”

"However there's no doubt that there are clouds on the horizon. Some policies are being suggested by the Government which leave business very concerned," he said.

Mr Piper said the Government must ensure that it governs for all Victorians and that anti-business rhetoric remains only talk.

"Business creates the opportunities for Victorians to improve their standard of living and maintain a positive social environment.

"Placing additional burdens on business whether through taxes, levies or bureaucracy will not help the economy or workers. Policies designed to appease the union movement such as industrial manslaughter, criminal offences for underpayment of wages and loading costs on to Worksafe can only undermine businesses' competitiveness and offer little or no additional benefit to the community," he said.

"We look forward to an even-handed approach from the new Government.”

Mr Piper also thanked the Opposition and its leader Matthew Guy, for its positive electioneering which will enable it to remain a vital part of Victoria's governance structure.

Further comment: Tim Piper – 0411 430 301