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Ai Group welcomes State Government plan for airport rail connection in Melbourne

The Australian Industry Group has welcomed an announcement by the State Government that it will begin planning for an airport rail connection in Melbourne.

"Ai Group considers the airport link is an important part of helping to ensure the congestion in Melbourne is improved. Melbourne traffic is becoming ridiculous and that includes getting to and from the airport," the Head of Ai Group in Victoria, Timothy Piper, said.

"We believe there needs to be an independent evaluation of what is best for the State, not just for the airport. This includes the linkage to metropolitan and regional transport lines.

"It has to be best bang for the buck. But looking at the options and an independent evaluation of them is vital to the success of the project," Mr Piper said.

Mr Piper called on all parties to engage in the process and to facilitate a bipartisan approach to the project.

"The airport link project has such a long time line that there must be acceptance of the project by all major political parties," Mr Piper said.

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