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Senate Passes Opposition's Penalty Rates Bill – Ai Group comment

"It is disappointing that Labor, the Greens and many Crossbench Senators supported Labor's Penalty Rates Bill in the Senate today," Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said today.

"The Bill is particularly unfair to employers. What is the point in having an independent umpire if the umpire is only able to make decisions in favour of one side?

"The Bill doesn’t just deal with penalty rates, nor just employers in the fast food, retail and hospitality industries. The Bill would adversely affect all employers.

"It is important that all Members of the House of Representatives act in the national interest when they vote on the Bill, and put short-term political interests aside. The Bill needs to be roundly rejected.

"If the Bill actually was enacted it would end wage fixing and dispute resolution as Australia knows it. It would mean any decision could be potentially open to political interference. That is no way to run a national economy or a workplace relations system," Mr Willox said.  

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