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Labor's election victory – greater excitement factor needed for Queensland's next phase

Statement by Shane Rodgers, Queensland Head, Australian Industry Group

The Australian Industry Group has congratulated the Palaszczuk Government on its re-election and called for a new "excitement factor" for the state in Labor's second term.

"While there are some signs of life in the economy, Queensland is consistently rated 'out of the medals' in interstate economic comparisons, coming in at sixth in the most recent CommSec State of the States report," Ai Group Queensland Head Shane Rodgers said today.

"The Palaszczuk Government needs to use its second-term mandate to energise Queensland and create a stronger and more compelling forward program of state-building activity.

"We need a bold and decisive 20-year plan to give Queensland back its 'ring of confidence'. This includes fresh ideas, some big bets on new projects and infrastructure and a concerted effort to give businesses a competitive edge and the confidence to invest.

"To create the conditions for investment and jobs growth, the Government needs to:       

    • Work with the energy industry and the Federal Government to make the state competitive on energy pricing as part of a suite of policy and taxation measures to make the state more competitive for investment.
    • Develop a realistic approach to the evolution towards sustainable energy that recognises the needs of industry, the affordability imperative and the need to achieve a sustainable future without destroying economic growth and driving industry offshore.
    • Work with industry and the education sector to ensure the state has the labour skills needed to fuel future expansion and the emerging skills needed for a very different economic and business environment.
    • Give a high priority to supporting Queensland's emerging advanced manufacturing sector as it evolves from traditional factory floors to high-tech, high skilled operations using technology and smart thinking to be globally competitive.
    • Work in partnership with private enterprise to identify and develop crucial infrastructure that will drive economic growth and underpin activity.
    • Develop a bipartisan approach to the rules around investment and major projects so business can have certainty and the state does not look indecisive and unreliable to outside investors.
    • Truly capitalise on Queensland’
      's proximity to growth markets in the Asia Pacific to drive new investment, tourism and major events, as well export opportunities.
    • Take advantage of the Northern Australia strategy to explore new opportunities to energise the state’s north and ride the growth in tropical economies.

"Queensland industry is looking for a stronger story around the state’s future and the opportunity to rally around big thinking and emerging global opportunities," Mr Rodgers said.

"We look forward to working with the Government to build this story and create the kind of future we need to ensure the prosperity of current and subsequent generations.

"I would also like to thank Tim Nicholls for his contribution to Queensland as Opposition Leader and thank him for his advocacy for business and industry in the State and wish him well for the future,” Mr Rodgers said.

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