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NSW Public Complaints Register - Ai Group Comment

"The recent release by NSW Fair Trading of data from their new public complaints register is a reminder that if used prudently it can deliver better customer service outcomes and assist customers to make more informed decisions. A company that is focussed on their customers' needs by acting on feedback such as complaints is more likely to be sustainable in the long term," the Head of Ai Group's NSW Branch, Mark Goodsell, said today.

"The register, launched as part of the Government's open data policy, could, for example, assist with flushing out unscrupulous operators that are involved in supply non-conforming product in Australia's supply chains, particularly in the building and construction sector.

"However, it should be appreciated that there are many Australian businesses that work very hard to satisfy their customers. It would be disappointing to see these organisations adversely impacted by this initiative due to complaints that are frivolous or relate to issues outside of their control.

"To help ensure this register operates effectively, Ai Group urges the NSW Government to conduct a regulatory review after one year and to put in place a robust mechanism to ensure data integrity.

"This is important to assess among other things the degree of misuse and any modifications that need to be made of the Register," Mr Goodsell said.

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