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Internship program for upcoming IR specialists

The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) has partnered with the La Trobe University Law School to help give soon-to-be lawyers a taste of a workplace law environment.

After a successful first semester, two more final year students are about to start the program which has a strong practical focus. This includes assisting Ai Group's IR team on completing legal research, preparing and delivering technical training, liaising with the Fair Work Commission, attending stakeholder meetings and providing legal perspective where appropriate.

The internship program is managed by Nadia Stojanova, the Knowledge and Information Services Coordinator at Ai Group.

"The internship program is of great quality and provides students with outstanding experience and networking opportunities. In turn, the interns have performed at a high standard and have added great value through the work that they have produced," Ms Stojanova said.

Associate Professor Jill Murray is the subject coordinator of employment law at La Trobe University and has been pleased with the results of the partnership.

"La Trobe law students are of an exceptional calibre and we are delighted to see such outstanding supervision offered to them at such a prestigious institution," Professor Murray said.

For more information about the program please contact Nadia Stojanova on (03) 9867 0252.