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Getting lively at Easter

Easter is the most important period for many Australian chocolate manufacturers with more people enjoying Easter eggs and chocolate treats than at any other time.

And for the chocolate industry, the later Easter date this year, when cooler weather is most likely, is a positive. But it's also important to get lively at Easter while enjoying Easter eggs.

"Whether riding a bike, going for a walk or just hopping around, a few Easter eggs helps us to celebrate the Easter period with family and friends," Tim Piper, Head of the Ai Group Confectionery Sector, said today.

And unusually, this year the Greek Orthodox Easter is being celebrated at the same time as other Christian churches, giving us further cause for celebration.

"We encourage moderate consumption of the simple delights of Easter products," Mr Piper said.  

Contact: Tim Piper – 0411 430 301

Tim Piper is Victorian Head and Principal Advocate Confectionery Sector Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), which represents the confectionery industry through its management of the Ai Group Confectionery Sector.