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Ai Group welcomes election of Gladys Berejiklian as Premier of NSW

"Ai Group welcomes the election of Gladys Berejiklian as State leader of the Liberal Party and Premier of NSW," Ai Group NSW Branch Head, Mark Goodsell, said today.

"Ms Berejiklian has proven in parliament to be very capable, intelligent and focused. Quietly, but with great determination, she has contributed to the State's economic strength and its reputation as being open for business and the driver of national growth.

"As Minister for Transport, she helped bring a customer focus to public transport operations.

"Her predecessor, Mike Baird, leaves a great pipeline of infrastructure building. The challenge for the new Premier is to ensure those projects are used to underpin a broad economic base for the State by maximising the opportunities available for competitive local companies and supply chains to contribute.

"Ms Berejiklian's understanding of the links between economic development and community well-being and cohesion, demonstrated in her time as Treasurer, will serve her well in her new role," Mr Goodsell said.

Further comment: Mark Goodsell – 0418 408 871