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New Australian electrical wiring Standard

"Ai Group welcomes today’s publication of an important new Standard relating to the critical area of electrical equipment.  The Australian-New Zealand Standard (AS/NZ 3000:2018  Electrical Wiring Rules) is the most significant review of the Code in over two decades," Ai Group, Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said today.

"It covers installation requirements for electrical equipment and specifies approaches to secure the high quality, reliability, and safety levels expected in Australia and New Zealand.

"Committee members from Australia and New Zealand including representatives from industry and regulators worked together to ensure that the standard reflected leading electrical safety practices and facilitated new technologies. Ai Group members played a significant role in this work.

Gary Busbridge, Chair of the Committee and Ai Group member, said: "During the review process stakeholders were consulted through a series of roadshows and events to ensure that their views were understood by the committee.

"The standard will improve electrical protection for consumers with new a requirement that safety switches are installed, not just on power and lighting circuits, but on all final circuits.

"AS/NZS 3000 continues to be a critical standard for the technical harmonisation of electrical installation requirements throughout Australia and New Zealand and is called up by the electrical safety Acts in all jurisdictions," Mr Busbridge said.

"Ai Group congratulates Standards Australia and Committee EL-001 members on a significant effort that will have benefit on both sides of the Tasman," Mr Willox said.

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