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Ai Group Statement on ACTU Rallies

"Today's ACTU rallies are bad news for jobs, investment and productivity," Innes Willox, Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group, said today.

"The rallies are completely unnecessary. The community already knows what the ACTU's proposed changes to the Fair Work Act are. They are a recipe for bringing an abrupt end to Australia's long run of economic prosperity, destroying jobs and creating widespread hardship. The changes are a grab for power by a union movement whose leadership sees no problem with breaking laws that they do not like.

"Unions represent only 9% of employees in the private sector. The fact that a small proportion of this 9% choose to attend a union rally does not alter the fact that the vast majority of employees and businesses recognise that they have a common interest in ensuring that businesses are successful. Only successful businesses can offer superior wages and employment conditions, and genuine job security.

"The ACTU's class war rhetoric needs to be rejected by all political parties. The ACTU's proposals for industry bargaining and industry-wide strikes would put industrial relations in Australia back to the 1970s. The retrograde ideas of the ACTU have no place in a modern economy and modern workplaces," Mr Willox said.

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