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ABCC and Registered Organisations Bills must be passed

"The Prime Minister's recall of Parliament highlights the critical importance of the ABCC Bill and the Registered Organisations Bill and it is essential that they are passed without delay," Australian Industry Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said today.

"The community has an obvious, direct interest in ensuring that the rule of law is upheld in the construction industry and the ABCC Bill will create a more effective deterrent against law-breaking in the industry.

"The Registered Organisations Bill will ensure higher standards of governance and accountability for unions and other registered organisations, given the major deficiencies in the governance standards of some unions that were uncovered by the Heydon Royal Commission.

"The Heydon Royal Commission expressed support for both of these Bills.

"The unacceptable actions of the CFMEU and other construction unions add extra costs on to every taxpayer funded road, building, school and hospital across the country.  These extra costs are inevitably passed on to consumers.

"We strongly urge Senators to pass these Bills when Parliament returns on 18 April and to stop the endless delays.

"By allowing time for the ABCC Bill and the Registered Organisations Bill to be debated ahead of a potential 2 July double dissolution election, the Prime Minister has made a welcome commitment to major reforms which will deliver benefits to industry, employees and the community.  These benefits include increased productivity, more jobs and economic growth," Mr Willox said.

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