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Video to tackle misconceptions about Australian advanced manufacturing

The Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council (AAMC) partnered with the Australian Industry Group to produce this video, which aims to tackle common misconceptions about advanced manufacturing.

The goal of this campaign is simple: spread awareness about the advanced manufacturing industry and encourage students to enter it. The video release will be supported by a social media campaign.

We asked Australians what they thought about manufacturing - and you can see the results here:

It is easy to share/embed this video on your own website - we would be delighted if you did!  Just follow the Youtube tools on the link above - or share on your own social media links. 

  • MEDIA NOTE: The AAMC will release a comprehensive comparison of both the ALP and Coalition policies supporting the growth of advanced manufacturing in the lead up to the Federal election on July 2.

Go to the AAMC website here -

Jennifer Conley
Executive Director, AAMC
M: 0406 857 856

Caroline Hartnett

M: 0408 897 577