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The Officers of Ai Group are the elected representatives of Members and Councillors of Ai Group. The current list of Officers which includes the Branch Councillors and National Councillors as well as Office-bearers is available from the Fair Work Commission website or from the registered office of Ai Group (attention Michael McConnell). The executive management team of Ai Group is headed by Innes Willox, the Chief Executive. The full team is listed below.

Shane Rodgers - Chief Operations Officer
Shane Rodgers - Chief Operations Officer

Michael McConnell - Chief Financial Officer 
Michael McConnell - Chief Financial Officer

Peter Burn - Chief Policy Advisor
Peter Burn - Chief Policy Advisor

Helen Waldron - Head of Member Relations
Helen Waldron - Head of Member Relations

Tony Melville - Head of Communications and Government Affairs 
Tony Melville - Head of Communications
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Megan LillyHead of Education and Training
Megan Lilly - Head of Education and Training

Stephen Smith - Head of National Workplace Relations Policy
Stephen Smith - Head of National Workplace Relations Policy

Louise McGrath - Head of Industry Development & Policy 
Louise McGrath - Head of Industry Development and Policy

Michael Mead - Head of Consulting and Legal Services 
Michael Mead, Head - Workplace Relations

Kate Louis - Head of Defence and National Security 


Mark Goodsell - Head - NSW; National Director - Manufacturing
Mark Goodsell, Director - NSW

  Rebecca Andrews - Head - QLD
Rebecca Andrews, Head - QLD

Tim Piper - Head - VIC
Timothy Piper, Director - Victoria

Steve Myatt - Head - SA
Steve Myatt, Director - South Australia