Skills Impact is seeking input from companies that operate in the food and beverage processing sector, including pet food manufacturers, to proposed changes to qualifications, skill sets and competency standards.

There have been many developments in the industry in the past decade, which have driven new innovations in products and processes.

There is increased consumer interest in the origin, contents and packaging of food. The industry now has a greater need for skills and knowledge about traceability, risk management, food fraud, contamination, allergens, recall procedures, sustainability, health and safety, automation, and digitalised manufacturing. These skills are required across the production chain, for those on the processing line, through to labelling, packaging and bottling. These new trends and innovations need to be reflected in national training products.

The Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry Reference Committee is overseeing the project to ensure it meets the needs of industry stakeholders. You have the opportunity to play a key role in defining the skills standards of job roles in food and beverage processing, supporting future learners and industry as a whole.

Visit the project webpage to learn more about the project so far and have your say.

There is also an option to register for a consultation webinar to discuss the changes directly with the project manager. A video has also been created, explaining the reason behind the latest changes in detail.

This is your chance to define the skills required to work in the food and beverage processing industry, supporting future learners and the industry as a whole.