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The NSW Government is consulting on its Future Transport Technology Roadmap, which sets out its vision for a technology-enabled transport future. Feedback on the Roadmap closes on 31 January 2017.

This Roadmap will likely be of interest to a number of our member sectors including in ICT, technology, infrastructure and construction and transport.

The NSW Government is particularly interested in feedback on the following topics:

  • Are there any refinements to our analysis or other factors in the broader environment that should be considered in formulating a customer-focussed Technology Roadmap?
  • Are there technology applications that you would include or exclude from the list of those with greatest impact on the future of mobility, and what is the rationale for this?
  • Are there other technology-driven disruptive changes to behaviour that need to be considered in any of the four scenarios?
  • Are there other emerging technologies that have potential to significantly influence mobility behaviours in any of these scenarios? If so, what are they and what will be the impact?
  • What adjustments or refinements would you recommend to the five technology-enabled strategies to personalise transport?
  • Are there any other high-level strategies that Transport for NSW should consider, and if so, what would be the key recommended next-step ‘no regrets’ initiatives?
  • Are there any specific measures you would recommend to optimise in-flight initiatives to take account of recent developments with emerging technologies?
  • Are there any modifications or refinements to the next-step no-regrets initiatives that you would recommend?
  • How would you refine the vision of the enduring long-term technology game changers?
  • How else could transport be personalised?
  • Are the key changes that need to be made in the way we engage with industry being addressed?  What other matters should be addressed?
  • Are there specific measures to enable the delivery of this Roadmap faster and/or at lower cost and/or with greater benefit compared to ‘business as usual’?
  • What steps need to be taken to set up the Transport Digital Incubator?
  • What specific measures need to be considered and what foundations should be laid to foster a Transport Data Science hotspot in NSW?
  • Is there anything else that should be considered in finalising this Roadmap?

Are you interested in providing feedback to the NSW Government through a potential submission from Ai Group?

Please contact Ai Group adviser Charles Hoang, Tel: 02 9466 5462.