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Ai Group is after your input into a Parliamentary inquiry into the impact on local businesses in Australia from global internet-based competition. Our submission is due by 1 December 2017, and providing us your views by 17 November 2017 will help ensure we can represent you to the Inquiry.

Among other things, the inquiry will consider:

  • What are the consequences for small businesses in terms of new competition and access to digital platforms?;
  • How are small businesses responding to digital change and what is their uptake of new digital services?;
  • What impacts do the above have on employment levels and conditions?

Has your business been impacted by competition from global online businesses? The Inquiry will consider policy options to foster innovation and enable Australian businesses to respond to these challenges.

To have your voice heard, please contact Ali Rahman, Ai Group Public Policy Adviser, on (02) 9466 5443.