Increased modern award wage rates and allowances

The Expert Panel of the Fair Work Commission has handed down its 2016-17 Annual Wage Review Decision. Key elements of the decision include:

  • Award wage rates for full-time adult employees will be increased by 3.3%;
  • Junior, apprentice and trainee wage rates will be adjusted proportionately; and
  • Wage-related allowances and expense-related allowances will be increased in accordance with formulas included in each modern award.

What is the operative date?

The new minimum wage and allowance rates payable under modern awards are operative from the first full pay period that starts on or after 1 July 2017.

Can the increases be compared to enterprise agreements?

Ai Group Workplace Advisers are able to assist you in comparing your enterprise agreement to the new award rates. This is particularly important if your enterprise agreement is approaching or has reached its nominal expiry date.

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For further information or advice regarding the Annual Wage Review 2016-17 Decision, please see Member Advice NAT 10/17 or contact the Workplace Advice Line on 1300 55 66 77.

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