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Ai Group Budget Analysis

Ai Group comment: Budget shifts gear to the longer term (Media Release – 8pm, 11 May)

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Federal Budget Proposals for Business

Pandemic recovery and support for businesses and individuals
Tax and superannuation changes for business
Tax changes for individuals: personal income tax rates and rebates
Measures to support employment & skills: JobTrainer extended
Measures to support employment & skills: apprenticeships
Measures to support employment & skills: investing in youth employment services
Measures to support employment & skills: providing career advice
Measures to support employment & skills: expanding the local jobs program
Measures to support skills reform
Measures to support employment & skills: Digital Economy Strategy
Workforce and community participation: childcare, NDIS, aged care and mental health services
Measures to support industry: defence industries and procurement
Measures to support industry: energy markets and climate change
Measures to support industry: business deregulation
Measures to support industry: increased biosecurity funding
New infrastructure announcements: heavy focus on roads, rail & homes
Net migration and population growth expected to pause until 2023
Budget balance and debt: smaller deficits, bigger debt, stable debt burden
Economic forecasts: excellent recovery to date, but outlook remains fragile

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Submissions & Pre-Budget Comment

Federal Budget: Industry aspirations and expectations for 2021-22 Budget (Media Release, 6 May)

Ai Group Federal Budget submission – Lift long-term economic capacity and dynamism to address risks (Media Release, 8 February)