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A timely deep dive into the changes reshaping the global economy and their implications for Australian business.

This event was presented in partnership with global data, news and insight company Bloomberg and AustralianSuper, and explored:

  • What has been happening in the international economy over the past two years as the world has been distracted by the pandemic?
  • What are the real economic impacts of the Ukrainian conflict? Are international markets factoring in a long period of stability or a short-term disruption. What is the impact of a more volatile international security situation on future growth, economic forces, trade blocs and supply chain reliability?
  • Has the role of China in the global economy shifted? If so, how, and what are the implications for global trade?
  • What will be the impact of clear targets for carbon reduction and the phasing out of fossil fuels and petrol cars? What are the macro impacts across the world and what are the lessons for Australia in preparing our economy for a period of major transformation?
  • In this new world of global instability, rising inflation and interest rates and skills challenges what is the short and medium-term outlook for the Australian economy?

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