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In this episode, the three good friends discuss options for funding the transition to new post-carbon energy, and assess aspects of a very complex issue. As always, they seek business opportunities in the changing marketplace.

They start by considering the complexities of funding new wind farms: while recent investment and new technology has seen the price of wind-generated electricity reduce considerably, the recent increase in the cost of critical minerals and logistics has seen the price of manufacturing wind turbine rise dramatically and the profits reduce. The team consider the issue, and the opportunities.

Then they discuss a different aspect of funding the transition: the proposal by some sovereign states to impose a windfall tax on Oil & Gas and other carbon energy company. The idea is to use the new taxes to reduce current high consumer energy prices, and to fund the transition. Is this a reasonable option?

The team also address the retail sector in transition: Will retailers use the changing environment to develop totally new business models?

This is another thoughtful episode, full of surprising views, opinions and insights.  The three amigos also have some fun.


James Scotland

After a long career in multiple aspects of supply chain management, corporate training and business advisory, James brings a business improvement mindset to his role as General Manager of Minerals, Energy & Supply Chain Resilience for Ai Group.

A skilled communicator and analyst, James has been involved with Oil & Gas, the mining industry and supply chain across the board for over 25 years.

    Tennant Reed

    Tennant is Principal National Adviser – Public Policy at Ai Group. He has worked heavily on climate and energy issues, advising Ai Group’s Leaders’ Group on Energy and Climate Policy and developing reports on natural gas supply, energy prices and energy efficiency. Previously he was an adviser in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, working on fiscal policy, stimulus and infrastructure.

    Paul Hodgson

    Paul Hodgson is an advisor in innovation, the energy transition and economic growth with diverse experience and insights gained over a 30 year career. Amongst his current roles, he is Interim CEO of the Scaling Green Hydrogen Cooperative Research Centre Bid, a member of the Australian Government’s Low Emissions Technology and Services Working Group, and a Non-Executive Director of Queensland Manufacturing Institute Ltd.

    With a Bachelor of International Business and a Master of Sustainable Development, he is passionate about developing and connecting local talent and enterprise capability into global ESG and net zero market opportunities. From 2019-2021, he led the development of a national hydrogen technology cluster network, which now has 18 regional clusters across Australia.