Halloween release for weekend media:
Tim Piper, who leads Ai Group’s Confectionery Sector, is available for interview on a safe, creative and balanced Halloween.
Media Inquiries: Tim Piper 0411 430 301
With Halloween this Sunday, the following release contains comment for this weekend’s media. 

“When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween” – Unknown.

As Halloween nears, the confectionery industry’s message this year is about safety, creativity and balance.

"We know Halloween in Australia is loved by small and big kids and, despite the bumpy ride of the global pandemic, celebrating Halloween safely and responsibly is a must wherever you are. But this year Halloween again comes with a dollop of COVID-safety," according to Tim Piper the Victorian Head of the national employer association Ai Group and leading its Confectionery Sector.

"With restrictions relaxing for many Australians, this year people can celebrate Halloween by almost normal means, even if you can’t knock on doors in some states.

"Where government rules and regulations don’t allow trick or treating, fun things can still be done like decorating your home, cutting jack-o-lanterns and dressing up in scary or favorite costumes or, for a twist, by creating a scavenger hunt at home or reverse trick-or-treating.

"The confectionery industry reminds Halloween trick-or-treaters to take a balanced approach and Be treatwise® with confectionery," Mr Piper said.

Here’s how to do that:

Make a plan – help your children make smart decisions when it comes to the enjoyment of Halloween treats.
1.    Eat before you treat – ensure trick-or-treaters have a healthy snack or balanced meal before enjoying their Halloween treats.
2.    Understand confectionery treat portions – some for now, some for sharing, some for later – keep it small and individually wrapped.
3.    Embrace BALANCE – by balancing treats and being physically active.
4.    Keep it SAFE – this includes covid-safe, physically distanced or at home (while adhering to the government requirements wherever you are located) and adults should accompany young children if out and about; 
5.    Manners matter – be respectful; take one piece; and
6.    Teeth – don’t forget to brush your teeth after enjoying Halloween treats.

And for those offering the treats – you need them to be wrapped – for safety’s sake.

Mix some imagination and a pinch of hocus pocus to make a Happy Halloween.  

Tim Piper is Head of the national employer association the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) in Victoria and its Confectionery Sector. The Ai Group Confectionery Sector represents the confectionery industry through its management of the Ai Group Confectionery Sector.

Media enquiries

Tim Piper – 0411 430 301


About Be treatwise®
Australian and New Zealand chocolate and confectionery companies are committed to helping consumers manage their energy intake and enjoy their confectionery. 
Be treatwise® is a confectionery industry initiative to provide consumers with information to help explain the place of confectionery, as a treat food, that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle.  The Be treatwise® symbol is a visual cue on the front of confectionery packs to remind consumers that confectionery is a treat. Responsible marketing, together with responsible consumption, are embodied in the Be treatwise® message. This includes from dietary energy intake, to oral health and the importance of being physically active.

For further information see:  www.betreatwise.info/