Members are reminded that extensive changes to the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (SCHADS Award) will take effect from 1 July 2022.

The changes result from three Full Bench Decisions of the Fair Work Commission handed down in May, August and October 2021.

A large number of provisions in the SCHADS Award are being varied which will have a significant impact on how employees covered by the SCHADS Award are engaged and paid. These include:

  • The inclusion of a procedure for review of a part-time employee’s guaranteed hours.
  • The introduction of a new minimum engagement period for part-time and casual employees.
  • A variation to the provision dealing with broken shifts.
  • The introduction of new allowances for laundering of clothing other than uniforms and repair and replacement of clothing other than uniforms.
  • An amendment to the on-call allowance.
  • An amendment to the broken shift allowance.
  • An amendment to permit the variation of a roster by mutual agreement in circumstances where the variation is proposed by an employee to accommodate an agreed shift swap with another employee.
  • A variation to the client cancellation provisions.
  • A variation to the 24 hour care clause.
  • The introduction of a new clause which applies where an employee is required by their employer to perform remote work.
  • An amendment to the clause which deals with overtime rates.
  • An amendment to the clause which deals with recall to work overtime.

Members of Ai Group can access further information on the changes to the SCHADS Award in Ai Group’s recent Compliance Advice which can be accessed here.