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Join this stimulating session as Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, questions the heads of two of Australia's leading companies about their views on the state of skills in Australia.

Karen Dobson, Managing Director, Dow Australia & New Zealand and Jeff Connolly, Chairman and CEO, Siemens Australia New Zealand, will offer their opinions on the changes needed to ensure the nation has the right skills for industry as we embrace future challenges and change.

A cocktail of factors is currently converging to create an urgency to skills formation and development in Australia. Research on the changing workplace is showing that the nature of work is evolving. Does this mean we need different education and training approaches? Should we be immersing learning in work environments? How should industry and education sector collaboration change to facilitate the right skills development?

Hear how three of Australia’s leaders envision skills formation and development to meet the needs of enterprises and individuals into the future.


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The Australian Government has made important changes to casual employment laws. In this live online event, Ai Group will provide advice and guidance on how to implement the changes in your workplace.

This live and interactive webinar will address:

  • The definition of a ‘casual employee’ for the purpose of entitlements in the National Employment Scheme (NES);
  • Protection from ‘double-dipping’ claims by casual employees and ex-employees who claim they are entitled to annual leave and other entitlements of permanent employment;
  • Employer responsibility to give each casual employee a copy of the Casual Employment Information Statement;
  • Right of casual employees to convert to permanent employment in certain circumstances; and
  • The pitfalls to look out for

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Further Online Events Scheduled for 2021

Ai Group schedules regular free, live and interactive online events throughout the year on topics of significant interest and importance to our members. Recordings of previous events are available in our Online Events Library to view on demand.

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