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Ai Group members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of networks. These networks provide members with an opportunity to have input into the formulation of policy, meet with professionals in their field of expertise and make valuable business to business connections to assist with business development.

To get involved in any of these member networks, email for further information.

HR Networks

Ai Group runs regular sector networks for HR professionals.
The HR Networks provide an opportunity for HR professionals to interact and confer with colleagues in their sector dealing with similar workplace issues. These network events often include updates on safety and environmental issues.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction
  • Labour Hire
  • Aviation
  • Road Transport & Logistics
  • ICT
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Health
  • Horticulture
  • Metals & Associated Industries

Other HR Networks offered include Southern Human Resources Group (Vic); Eastern HR Group (Vic); North Western Human Resources Group (Vic); Senior Human Resources Network (Qld); and HR network (Adelaide/Regional).

PIR conference

In addition, once a year Ai Group hosts a two day conference in Canberra for HR professionals who are members of our exclusive PIR Group. These conferences are "don't miss" events. Conference participants get to hear from Government ministers, opposition and regulators on current issues as well get the latest updates from experts in employment law, IR, HR, skills development and economics.

The PIR conferences manage to strike just the right balance between formal presentations, interactive workshop and networking sessions with high profile guest speakers. Members of PIR pay a separate annual fee which entitles them to attend these conferences at very competitive rates.

Safety and Workers' Compensation Networks

A range of networks have been established to provide the opportunity for two way feedback between members and Ai Group on policy development in Safety and Workers' Compensation at the state and national level.
Safety and Workers' Compensation networks run in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland, and provide an opportunity for members to network, share their experiences and hear from guest speakers on topics of interest.

Technology Industry Networks

Ai Group holds forums and individual meetings as required with member companies with an interest in digital policy, regulatory and standards issues. Key issues for these forums include:

  • High-speed broadband rollout and policy;
  • Digital economy policy;
  • Cybersecurity and privacy;
  • Government procurement;
  • IT governance and management;
  • Spectrum policy; and
  • Intellectual property, including copyright.

Depending on the particular policy issues under consideration, these member forums target companies which:

  • develop or offer software and Internet services in area such as Internet, mobile and enterprise applications, systems, databases management and/or home entertainment.
  • provide information technology consulting and services, as well as data processing and outsourced services;
  • have an interest in the telecommunications sector, including those who provide communications services primarily through a fixed-line, cellular, wireless, high bandwidth and/or fibre optic cable network;
  • manufacture and distribute communications equipment, computers and peripherals, electronic equipment and related instruments, and semiconductors and semiconductor equipment.

These meetings are held by videoconference, teleconference and face-to-face to ensure participation is convenient and time efficient members around the country.

Utilities Networks

Ai Group's Utilities network meetings provide access to current, topical and innovative information to drive business improvement and provide opportunities to network with other like-minded businesses within the Water and Energy industries including their supply chains.

The Energy Utilities Group brings together our electricity and renewables member groups - it reflects the extensive contributions to the national power grid from renewables, RETS, the energy load drop, carbon abatement, embedded generation, emerging technologies and structural changes in the Australian economy.

The Water Group meeting topics cover technology innovations and resource challenges as well as practical business development opportunities.

These network meetings are well suited to executive officers, government affairs & regulatory compliance managers, marketing managers, financial controllers and HR/IR managers.

The Power Distribution HR Network provides an opportunity for HR/IR leaders of member companies to keep up to date with employee relations and industrial relations issues pertaining to their sector. At these meetings, the industry participants are also able to network and share common issues. Relevant topics which are often covered include, enterprise bargaining, legislative changes, current cases, bullying, unfair dismissal, general protection, safety & workers' compensation and other compliance issues.

Other Networks

Industry / HR / Member Networks

  • Ballarat Export Network (Ballarat - Vic)
  • Ballarat HR Network (Ballarat - Vic)
  • Hunter Industry Leaders Council (Newcastle - NSW)
  • Ai Group Ballarat & Wimmera Regional Section Committee (Ballarat – VIC)
  • Illawarra Industry Council (Wollongong - NSW)
  • Southern Sydney Member Network
  • Western Sydney Member Network
  • Hunter Employee Relations Network (Newcastle – NSW)
  • South Australia Workplace Relations Roundtable - View 2020 Calendar

Safety Networks

  • Illawarra Safety Taskforce (Wollongong - NSW)
  • Hunter Safety Leadership Network (Newcastle - NSW)
  • Ballarat Regional Occupational Safety & Health Group (BROSH) (Ballarat- Vic)

Skills Networks

  • Hunter Skills Development Network (Newcastle - NSW)
  • Skills Network (Brisbane)

To get involved in any of these member networks, email for further information.