Get involved with University of Melbourne research into how medium-sized enterprises (MSEs), employing between 20 and 199 employees, can be supported to hire people with intellectual disability.

Customers today are actively seeking out enterprises with a diverse workforce when deciding where to buy. At the same time, many enterprises would like to deploy a more diverse workforce but can be unsure as to how to expand employment opportunities to people with disability. The benefits to enterprises that have a diverse workforce include increased productivity and customer diversity.

The research findings will contribute to the limited amount of research in Australia and globally that specifically addresses the factors to successfully employ people with intellectual disability. Whilst the national unemployment figure is under 4%, the unemployment rate for people with intellectual disability (over 17%) remains unacceptably high. The study is unique as it focusses specifically on the MSE voice. MSEs have not been studied to this extent on this topic before. Hence, the aim of the study is to overcome the barriers and broaden MSEs’ inclusive employment practices by hiring people with intellectual disability.

The University of Melbourne is seeking to understand current employment practices by asking businesses to complete this survey. You do not need to be currently employing people with intellectual disability to complete the survey. The university needs your help to understand what is happening now in enterprises like yours.

The survey takes 15 minutes to complete and is open until 11:30pm on 19 June. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Michael Meehan, Graduate Researcher on behalf of the research team, on 0414 942 171 or email