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Poor performance or misconduct in the workplace affects the morale and productivity of all staff. Failing to deal with the poor performance and misconduct of others can result in the best employees leaving and also expose employers to legal risks. In order to operate effectively, organisations need to set standards of performance and conduct that are reinforced by company rules. Rules should be clear, concise and, above all else, fair. They should also be put in writing and made available to all employees.

Disciplinary procedures enable you to ensure that employees keep to the rules. More importantly, they enable the employer to ensure that all breaches of the rules are dealt with fairly and consistently.

Ai Group offers a range of services that can help you manage poor performance and misconduct in your workplace. This includes free access for members to the HR Resource Centre which provides guidance and templates on disciplinary procedures and performance improvement plans. For more complex assistance, our workplace relations experts can assist in reviewing or developing your disciplinary or performance management procedures. We can also provide tailored guidance when such procedures need to be applied.

Where the performance or conduct of your employees does not improve following performance management, Ai Group can also advise and assist in the process of exiting employees from your business in a manner that reduces your legal risk and drives your workplace culture forward.