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In Australia, employers and employees within the national workplace relations system are covered by the National Employment Standards (NES) contained in the Fair Work Act 2009. Together with pay rates in modern awards and minimum wage orders, the NES provides the minimum legal conditions for national workplace relations system employees.

Ensuring your business is complaint with these minimum legal obligations is critical, with significant penalties for employers and individuals where minimum obligations have been breached.

Are you compliant?

Ai Group has a raft of services available which can assist in ensuring your business meets its minimum obligations. These services include:

  • The ability to conduct compliance audits to ensure you are adhering to the minimum obligations under the NES, applicable awards and any enterprise agreements which cover your business
  • Access to the Workplace  Advice line which provides immediate information regarding the NES and minimum entitlements
  • Access to the HR Resource Centre which provides further information on minimum employee entitlements
  • Member advices  which alert employees when there is a change in minimum employment standards
  • Review and development of employment contracts and policies

What if I'm not compliant?

Ai Group also provides a range of service to assist employers should allegations of non-compliance with minimum employment obligations be made against them. In compliance proceedings which are brought before the Court, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers can assist and defend employers' interests. The experienced team of specialists at Ai Group Workplace Lawyers regularly engage with regulators and unions on these issues to achieve positive outcomes for Ai Group members.