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Modern awards form an important component of the Fair Work system that applies to all national system employers. Along with the National Employment Standards (NES), modern awards determine the minimum terms and conditions of employment for national system employees, including wage rates, penalties and allowances.

Ai Group membership provides a variety of services which enable employers to navigate through the modern award system. These services include:

  • Providing members with up-to-date advice on changes to modern awards
  • Access to the Workplace Advice line which provides on the spot information
  • The ability to conduct award coverage or classification assessments for your business or employees respectively
  • Compliance audits
  • An award service which provides annotations to key awards which offer insight into the particulars of the modern award covering your business

The modern award review

Under the Fair Work Act, the Fair Work Commission must review all modern awards every four years.

During the review, parties are invited to make submissions outlining changes they believe need to occur to modern awards.

The most recent review commenced on 1 January 2014 and is still underway. Ai Group is heavily involved in the review process and vigorously representing member interests in these review proceedings. We strongly oppose any changes that could adversely impact industry, such as claims that would result in increased costs to employers or that  impose major restrictions on operations. Ai Group consults with it's members to gain valuable insights into their interests which can then be reflected in it's approach to these important matters affecting business.