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Policy consultation forums

From time to time Ai Group forms specific policy forums to consult on a range of safety and workers' compensation policy issues, such as proposed legislative changes. These may be state-based or have a national focus; they may meet in person or communicate via email. For further information, or to be added to our invitation list for this group, please send your details to

Networking forums

New South Wales
Hunter Safety Leadership Network

Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Network 

There are currently no Ai Group safety and workers compensation networks running in Victoria. However, there are three Human Resource networks that touch on these issues and, at least once a year, have a full focus on safety and workers' compensation:

North West HR Group

Eastern HR Group

If you have had a serious health and safety incident you may need to notify the regulator. Click here for more information, including how Ai Group can assist you to respond.

Key Contacts

Workplace Advice Line

1300 55 66 77

Consulting Services

Trinette Jaeschke
Tel: 03 9867 0236

Workforce Development

David Tiller
Tel: 02 4925 8307

Policy & Representation

Tracey Browne
Tel: 03 9867 0255