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The Model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Laws were developed by Safe Work Australia, following a commitment by all Australian Governments to adopt Model laws by 1 January 2012. Most Australian jurisdictions have since adopted the laws; some with minor modifications.

Western Australia is still working towards finalising their version of the laws, with consultation processes progressing.

Victoria has advised that they will not be adopting the Model WHS Laws; information about how the Victorian OHS laws compare to the Model WHS laws can be found here.

New Zealand introduced a version of the Model WHS Laws with effect from April 2016; information about how the NZ HSW laws compare to the Australian Model WHS laws can be found here.

In the lead up to the adoption of the Model WHS Laws, Ai Group developed a quick reference guide – WHS laws at a Glance.  We also developed a range of webinars focusing on key aspects of the Model WHS Laws, which can be accessed below.

Model Work Health and Safety laws – The obligations of Officers Webinar

This webinar is designed to inform officers, and those advising officers, of some key issues they need to be aware of in ensuring compliance with jurisdictional laws that are based on the Model WHS Law, including defining who is an officer, the duties of officers to exercise due diligence, as well as an outline of the WHS laws. This webinar is also relevant to officers in WA where officer liability already exists, and in Victoria where an officer may need to demonstrate that they have taken “reasonable care” if a breach of the law occurs in their organisation.

Please note: This webinar has been split into 5 managable sections, however it is designed to be a single resource for WHS officers and should be watched in its entirety.

Model Work Health and Safety laws – Business Videos

A series of business videos providing information on the implications of the Model Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws. Produced in the lead up to the adoption of the Model WHS laws, these are still relevant as a general guidance about the laws.