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Trinette Jaeschke

National Manager - Safety and Workers' Compensation Services


03 9867 0236

I have over 20 years’ experience in Work Health Safety and Injury Management within the private and public sector, including transport and logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, agriculture, mining, finance, food processing, foundries, health services and aged care.

As a well-rounded safety professional, my in-depth knowledge includes workplace wellness coaching, risk management strategies and the development and implementation of sustainable safety management systems. This also includes going beyond compliance, with the implementation of applied functions such as behavioural change programs, and facilitation of leadership programs.

Businesses exemplifying a strong safety culture generally have the following in common; leaders showing an active commitment towards safety practices, and workers who feel supported, valued and actively contribute towards a safe workplace.

How can I help you?

"Addressing behavioural based safety can lead to an improvement in business performance, and a reduction in workplace injury and illness”

As a coach and mentor, I’ve worked and coached busy, overwhelmed leaders in a variety of industries. I’ve helped teams of all sizes and levels strategically think about their critical risks and open their minds to creative and innovative solutions to improve their culture and systems. Using behaviour psychology and coaching skills, I strive to empower people to lead and motivate each other to make sustainable change, with limited resistance.

While Work Health and Safety remains the responsibility of both Management and Workers, it is understanding these responsibilities and how best to apply them, that poses the greatest challenge when working to improve safety within an organisation. In pursuit of this, significant areas for workplace action include;

  • Being compliant and up to date with WHS legislative requirements.
  • Understanding how to identify and manage critical risks.
  • Continuously looking for opportunities to improve safety performance and creating innovative solutions to make safety compliance easier.
  • The provision of a safe work environment that supports a reduction in workplace injury and associated costs.

I can work with you to;

  • Establish a Strategic Safety Plan in line with your business priorities and critical risks.
  • Audit and develop your management systems (including ISO 9001, ISO 45001, AS 4801, HACCP, ISO 14001 and Self Insurance Models including Comcare).
  • Implement and manage integrated WHS/Environmental/Food Safety/Quality systems.
  • Safety and Behavioural coaching.
  • Health & Wellbeing Consulting.
  • Mindfulness-Meditation
  • Develop safety talent.
  • Identify and control operational risks.
  • Recommend best practice Return to Work processes.

I actively engage and work collaboratively with your business to positively address health, wellness and safety.