Waste Industry Alliance

The Australian Industry Group has established the Waste Industry Alliance (WIA) in Victoria in order to ensure the interests of the waste industry are recognised by both government and the broader community. Its members are some of the largest waste companies in the country.

The Waste Industry in Australia is a vital sector to the economy, the community and industry. In fact, it is an essential service, similar to the importance of utilities such as electricity, gas and water. We simply need these sectors to enable our communities to function properly.

The WIA aims to ensure that we all recognise we cannot survive in our sophisticated economy without a well-functioning waste industry.

The industry wants to engage the community, government and other industry sectors to help reduce, re-use and recycle waste and to use the most technologically advanced means of doing so.

The WIA also has committed to 'worlds best practice' and is encouraging others within the industry to do the same. It is committed to environmental safety, performance and working with the community.