Ai Group's Utilities Sector members can participate in meetings with presentations structured around public policy, economic trends, business development, innovation and regulatory & standards compliance which are relevant to all participants of the energy and water utilities sector supply chain.

Ai Group holds regular meetings involving all key segments of the Utilities Sector including: Energy Utilities - Renewables, Generation, Retail, Distribution and Grid Management, Water – and major energy and water users.

The Utilities Group brings together our previous electricity and renewables member groups along with our Water member group. It deals with issues including the growing contribution of renewables and distributed energy to the national electricity market; the decline in overall electricity demand; climate change and the drive for carbon abatement; emerging technologies; and structural changes in the Australian economy. It also provides Water member companies with insightful information across this important infrastructure. Within the meeting program we address emerging issues for companies in the water industry and its supply chain. We cover technology innovations and resource challenges as well as practical business development opportunities.

The Utilities Group provides member companies an opportunity to examine the key issues, challenges and emerging conditions in markets that are critical to their business.

Member companies within the Utilities Sector and supply chains are able to contribute to Ai Group's energy and water policy formation and have opportunities to network with other like-minded businesses. The Group will advocate and promote the industry and its related supply chains, and articulate views within Ai Group.

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National Business Development Manager - Industry Sectors
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