Ai Group holds forums and individual meetings as required with member companies with an interest in digital policy, regulatory and standards issues. Key issues for these forums include:

  • High-speed broadband rollout and policy;
  • Digital economy policy;
  • Cybersecurity and privacy;
  • Government procurement;
  • IT governance and management;
  • Spectrum policy; and
  • Intellectual property, including copyright.

Depending on the particular policy issues under consideration, these member forums target companies which:

  • develop or offer software and Internet services in area such as Internet, mobile and enterprise applications, systems, databases management and/or home entertainment.
  • provide information technology consulting and services, as well as data processing and outsourced services;
  • have an interest in the telecommunications sector, including those who provide communications services primarily through a fixed-line, cellular, wireless, high bandwidth and/or fibre optic cable network;
  • manufacture and distribute communications equipment, computers and peripherals, electronic equipment and related instruments, and semiconductors and semiconductor equipment.

These meetings are held by videoconference, teleconference and face-to-face to ensure participation is convenient and time efficient members around the country.


From time to time, events are held in response to industry demand from ICT suppliers of digital technologies and services (including equipment, hardware, software, internet services and telecommunications, with the objective to raise awareness outside of the ICT sector of the business benefits of digital technologies and services.

The aim of these Digital Leadership events is to:

  • Facilitate a thought leadership discussion and vision of real business opportunities available to Australian businesses in the context of digital technologies
  • Provide tangible examples to businesses, demonstrating real business examples through member experiences with digital transformation, disruption and innovation
  • Inform members of current and future technology trends, but more importantly business leadership issues associated with those trends 
  • Create a forum that allows for the opportunity of like-minded ICT members and broader members to:
    • Network from across our membership sectors
    • Connect with governmental officials
    • Encourage the broader industry to be part of Ai Group’s digital thought leadership community

Ai Group also holds business roundtables for CEO and senior executive level representatives with attendance by invitation only.

Contact us

For more information about the Digital Leadership events, Digital Policy Forums or the CEO Business Round-tables, please contact:

Charles Hoang 
Adviser - Public Policy (Digital Technologies and Consumer Electronics)
Phone: (02) 9466 5462