Who are we:

The Modular Building Industry Forum (MBIF) is comprised of organisations who manufacture/build and/or hire fleets of transportable modular buildings in Australia. Our members collectively represent over two thirds of the market.

The MBIF is affiliated with the Modular Building Industry Association of Australia (MBIAA) www.mbia.com.au



Coates Hire Operations

ATCO Structures

Our purpose:

The purpose of the Forum is to create a voice to represent the industry and work with governments and other stakeholders to develop and implement workable, safe and practical standards and regulations that address the needs of members. The MBIF seeks to do this whilst ensuring that the sector remains viable and competitive. 

Our focus includes:

  • Identify and monitor relevant standards committees and engage in development where appropriate
  • Advocate positions to influence the National Construction Code 2022
  • Establishing relationships with building policy makers and regulators
  • Promote compliance to key industry stakeholders

Our priorities:

  • Provision in building laws/codes (and their interpretation) to allow grandfathering of modular building stock from non-safety related regulatory change post manufacture/construction – see our paper here.
  • Identification of equivalency of “deemed-to-satisfy” and “alternative solutions” for modular construction methodologies to the NCC
  • Establish initiatives to combat non-conforming building products and lift awareness of NCC compliance requirements to reduce the incidence of non-complying product
  • Promotion of modular buildings as sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Increasing education and awareness of compliance obligations

Further Information:

For further information or if you wish to enquire about joining the forum, please contact: associations@aigroup.com.au or call 03 9867 0227.