Do you directly employ a first or second year apprentice or trainee or are you looking to take on a new apprentice or trainee in 2019? If so, Ai Group's team of Apprentice Mentors is able to provide free mentoring support through the Australian Government's Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices program.

Completion rates for apprentices currently sit at a concerning 55 per cent. By working with you to make available appropriate support mechanisms for apprentices, they will be assisted through any issues, particularly in the early stages of their apprenticeship. The tailored support available has the aim of assisting them to address any barriers they face, improve their retention and increase the likelihood that they will complete their apprenticeship.

This mentoring is also available as an additional level of support if you host an apprentice or trainee through a group training arrangement.

For further information and contact details for our team of Apprentice Mentors please visit our website or contact our program co-ordinator Peter Staley on 0419 830 729 or email

‘Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices (ISMAA) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training’