The Manufacturing CEO

October/November 2018

A member information stream for the leaders of manufacturing and engineering companies and their suppliers.

Current industry conditions in manufacturing

The Australian manufacturing sector continues to surge with further growth in sentiment, output, jobs and profits into the second half of 2018.
Casual employment case causes big problems for industry 

The Federal Court has recently handed down a very problematic decision that significantly affects how casual employment operates in Australia.


Energy prices: electricity eases but gas stubborn 

Improving wholesale electricity prices are set to lower further by 2020 as large volumes of renewables ease the tight market and displace gas-fired generation.
Importing or exporting? More 'Trusted Trader' benefits 

The Australian Trusted Trader program reduces red tape for accredited companies and expedites cargo flows, and the benefits have recently been enhanced.




Recent Live Online Events

Ai Group schedules regular free, live and interactive online events throughout the year on topics of significant interest and importance to our manufacturing members. Recordings of previous events are available in our Online Events Library to view on demand, including:

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and automation in the future workforcePresented with Google Watch here

How to develop talent for your Industry 4.0 transitionWatch here

A new framework to digitally transform your business – Watch here

Blockchain for the industrial supply chain: exploring real-use cases for business
 – Watch here

If there is a topic you'd like to see addressed in an upcoming
Ai Group online event, please let us know.