The Grates and Covers Alliance is an industry specific alliance of organisations that manufacturer and/or supply grates and covers to the Australian market.


Our Alliance aim is to bring about both awareness of the need for conformance” with Standard - AS3996: Grates & Access Covers and to firmly establish its disciplined use in specifications and in practice.

We will alert industry of the dangers of using non-conforming products and the risks they pose to public safety. We will further work towards industry health by ensuring that all manufacturers & suppliers work only to the required supply procedures, identity and verifiable records, strictly avoiding any attempt to deceive purchaser, recently identified as deceptive practice - The level playing field. 

We bring together Manufacturers, Suppliers of Access Covers and Grates and Asset Owners including industry Stakeholders who provide or install products required to be strictly in conformance with A S 3996 and the relevant codes.

Grates and Covers are used extensively throughout Australia on all Road and Council, Building and other infrastructure to provide safe access for pedestrian and vehicular movement across Trenches & other voids allowing the passage of Stormwater, Sewerage or access plant and equipment.

These are essential load bearing elements which must conform to the appropriate standard. 


Our Key objectives are:

  • Recognition that public safety is an absolute and principal priority in building specifications and practice

  • To advise industry of the engineering imperatives of the product systems and their necessarily disciplined installation.

  • Ensure best practice verified product supply to the civil /water/ building industry & others drawing also on building industry product proficiencies of associated industries.  

  • Facilitate proven and verifiable manufacturing a policy, to encourage only reliable best practice based on certified products and their proven performance.

  • Ensure that the Standards reflects leading practice in design and manufacture to maintain awareness and applicability to critical infrastructure particularly relevant in high density living, and transit facilities.

The building and construction situation described has created cumulative risk to all in the supply chain and is a threat to the entire community who depend on the reliability of well-engineered structure


Matters of continuing importance in specifications and to building products in service

  1. Correlate complementary values of each building materials within our Australian and related International standard.
  2. Illustrate optimum design scope from the historical design low physical presence - high strength design reliability; of A S 3996 products.
  3. Future product maintenance recommendations given by designer–suppliers.
  4. Explanatory practice advisory-of direction first established by National Local Government Engineers who were largely responsible for the reliability and success of this pivotal building standard.

Statement on the revised Standard AS3996

The Grates and Access Covers Alliance (GACA) welcomes the publication of AS 3996 – 2019 Access Covers and Grates. Click here to view the full statement.


GACA Members are defined by:

  1. The responsibility to promote to the industry the knowledge and acceptance of the standard AS3996 and of the dangers of using non-conforming products
  2. Can provide evidence that products comply with relevant product standards, codes, regulations and building laws in Australia
  3. Can demonstrate a proven track record of providing conforming products to the market
  4. The promotion of GACA and its charter to the industry stakeholders
  5. Displaying a recognition to GACA or Logo that represents and promotes GACA  
  6. Being a Financial GACA member      

Access Covers Australia - www.accesscoversaustralia.com.au
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AusPits - www.auspits.com.au
BG Group - bggroup.com.au
BR Durham - www.durham.com.au
Civilmart - www.civilmart.com.au
Corrosion Control Practice and Standards
Covertite - www.covertite.com.au
Cubis Systems - au.cubis-systems.com
EJ - www.ejco.com
HRL - www.hrlt.com.au
Hygrade Water Australia - www.hygradewater.com.au
Jaybro - www.jaybro.com.au 
Mascot Engineering - www.mascoteng.com.au
Nepean Building and Infrastructure - www.nepean.com/building
R&S Grating - www.grating.com.au
SVC - svc.com.au
Terra Firma Industries - www.terrafirmapitlids.com


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