The Export Control Forum is open to Australian companies that import or export material governed by international conventions and national legal regimes controlling the movement and distribution of arms and dual-use technologies relevant to military applications. A number of defence prime contractors and other major companies producing defence and dual-use items are represented directly on the Forum. Australia's broader industry base, including small and medium enterprises, is represented by the Australian Industry Group and the Australian Industry Defence Network. Other industry bodies are eligible for membership of the Forum. The Departments of Defence; and Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and other government agencies are also eligible for Forum membership.

Terms of Reference

The Export Control Forum will:

  • Maintain a strong government-industry dialogue on the development and implementation of Australian and overseas laws and procedures concerning export controls for strategic, military and dual-use export goods; 
  •  Provide best practice guidance through the development of national standards and related documentation; 
  • Provide guidance and support training to industry, particularly small and medium enterprises, involved in the import and/or export of strategic, military and dual use goods; 
  • Advise on and support the development of tertiary level curricula to provide appropriate certified training, and 
  • Develop and maintain relations with similar organisations overseas.