Funded by the Victorian Government, Ai Group has commenced a new program to increase traineeships in the ICT industry. By combining work and training, traineeships provide a context for learning and can provide business with a fresh perspective that promotes innovation and new ideas.

Who is involved?

Ai Group will manage the program by co-ordinating employers and training providers in the process. The program will enable employers to train future ICT employees to meet the increasing skill needs in the knowledge economy.

What will it do?

The program will focus on the benefits of a traineeship that has two parts:

  • Off the job training (Certificate III or IV in a relevant ICT qualification); and
  • Paid practical hands-on skills application at work.

Benefits to employers:

Traineeships assist business by:

  • Increasing staff retention and boosting staff loyalty;
  • Customised training to suit the business;
  • Being cost effective – trainees cost less than graduates and financial incentives are available from the federal government;
  • Providing additional staff resources;
  • Providing the business a fresh perspective – promoting innovation and new ideas; and
  • Supporting both the employer and trainee throughout the process.

How will you be supported?

Ai Group will:

  • Work with you to identify required skills and roles for your workforce;
  • Provide you with a range of Traineeship candidates for consideration for your workforce, and support them through a recruitment process;
  • Provide you with Traineeship candidates that have undertaken pre-employment training to develop basic employability skills;
  • Provide you with the option to employ Trainees either directly or via our Group Training Organisation;
  • Provide mentoring, guidance, and other required support to the Trainee throughout their employment term; and
  • Provide training and support to supervisors to assist with managing Trainees.


The National Training Wage (excluding on-costs) can range from $450 to approximately $700 per week depending on the age and work history of the trainee.

VIC Govt

For further information, please contact Luba Pavlovic, ICT Traineeships Project Officer, Ai Group, on (03) 9867 0159 or via email.