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It makes good sense to identify government funding and assistance programs available to support achievement of your business objectives.

Support on offer from Federal, State and Territory Governments can include:

  • grant funding
  • concessional loans
  • tax concessions and incentives
  • wage support
  • duty concessions
  • market entry
  • mentoring and networking
  • business improvement and development
  • skills development and training
  • innovation

South Australia Export Accelerator (SAEA) Grant

Round 7 Applications Close: 14 August 2020

The SAEA is a competitive, merit based grant program, where applicants with exclusively South Australian products must provide 1:1 matched funding, to spend on eligible activities to help your business expand through export Market Research and/or Export Education and Training.

This Grant has three categories:

  • Emerging Exporter for new exporters with grants up to $5,000.
  • Export Accelerator for existing exporters with grants up to $30,000.
  • New Market Entry for existing exporters with grants up to $15,000.

Please read the Program guidelines to check eligibility, eligible activities, Terms & Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions here.

For round seven of the SAEA the SA Government has announced a special focus will be given to South Australian companies that are seeking support to manage their air-freight logistics to get products to overseas markets.

If you need assistance in applying for the grant, please contact for a Consultant to help you with your application.

How Ai Group can assist you

Ai Group can assist you to identify and access government grants and assistance programs. For further information on how we can assist your business email our Business Improvement and Growth team at

To identify government programs relevant to your specific business priorities, visit the free searchable listing of federal, state and territory government funding and assistance programs at


Key issues to consider before you apply for funding

Are the program objectives consistent with your business priorities?

It may not benefit your business in the long run to pursue funding for activities that divert attention from core strategic objectives.

What is the application process?

Each program has its own application process.
Grants application processes can be highly competitive and require investment of significant company resources without guarantee of success.

Is your business eligible?

Assess whether your organisation and the activity for which you are seeking support meets eligibility criteria.
Businesses which have previously received support for the same or a similar activity may not be eligible for further support.
Many programs do not provide funding support for activities which have already commenced so eligibility should be confirmed before the business commences the project.

What are the resource commitments on your business?

Check whether the program requires successful applicants to contribute matching funding and make sure that you have sufficient resources to meet these requirements in the event that your application is successful.

What supporting documentation is required?

Ensure that your application clearly addresses all relevant criteria and that the project objectives, expected outcomes; benefits to stakeholders (e.g. applicant, industry, community, environment); and the importance of the funding to project success are clearly identified as appropriate.

Can you meet auditing and reporting requirements?

Funding received must be expended in accordance with the funding agreement. Ensure that you have appropriate systems in place to record/retain proof of expenditure and relevant in-kind contributions.
Ensure that any auditing or other reporting requirements are appropriately factored into project management systems.