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What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps maintain individual profiles of your customers allowing ready access to all relevant information. What, when and how much did they last order? Any questions or comments they had? CRM helps organise information across sales, marketing, warehousing, customer service, and technical support. Having access to this data helps your business to develop stronger, more informed customer relationships.


CRM systems can measure marketing campaigns over multiple communication channels (e.g. email, search engines, social media, telephone etc.). These systems can track clicks, responses, leads and offers which can provide you with further insight into how you can enhance your marketing profile and improve communication with stakeholders.

Customer service & support

The most crucial aspect of any business is its customers. Automated technology tools can help your business keep track of customer service and support. Consider every transaction with customers as an interaction that can be used to improve your on-going business approach. Make sure customer service is a priority at your business. Even if some staff do not regularly deal directly with customers they should always support those who do.

Appointment scheduling

CRM tools can help a business streamline its appointment scheduling across any number of devices. There are many online tools (eg. and to help a business automatically manage appointments and time scheduling. This might include face-to-face meetings, telephone consultation appointments, just in time purchasing, product deliveries and online seminar or information bookings.

Relationship tracking

Whether with your existing customers or forging new relationships, using CRM technologies to help streamline the access and accuracy of information, helps position your company positively. Sales persons being able to immediately access full and current data on a particular customer will demonstrate your company’s ability to be ahead of the competition and commitment to customer service.

Tailoring your CRM

Identifying which CRM product is right for your company is very important. There are any number of products and services available across the internet. Some packages have strengths in areas that may or may not be relevant to your company. Many are free, but the services which attract payment are more likely to provide improved performance. Check reviews of the products you shortlist – use online forums and social media to learn about what other companies think about them. This will be time invested in the improvement of your company. CRM is an increasingly integral tool for any successful company.