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Complimentary COVIDSafe Planning and Engagement Program for Victorian Businesses

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Managing COVID-19 related safety issues

*NEW: Complimentary COVIDSafe face-to-face "hands-on" Workshops

Victorian businesses can access a range of services to support your safety response to COVID-19. Funded by the Victorian Government, Ai Group's COVIDSafe Planning and Engagement Program provides specialist advice on a range of COVIDSafe planning strategies – such as physical distancing and hygiene measures – in helping to protect the health and wellbeing of Victorian workers. 

Every workplace is different and identifying or controlling risks from COVID-19 is not a one-size-fits-all process. This service provides tailored advice on, but not limited to:

  • How to manage COVID-19 related WHS risks and matters relating to employee health, safety and wellbeing;
  • Support and advice on WHS risk management duties and compliance to COVID safety requirements;
  • Real-time response to a specific COVIDSafe risk assessment issue from an industry adviser;
  • The opportunity to share and stay across the changing COVID-19 issues facing your industry;
  • Providing options for sustainable approaches for the future prevention, detection and management of COVID-19 in your workplace;
  • Advising on mental health aspects related to COVID-19, including the challenges of working from home for some people; and
  • Offering relevant training to workers on COVID-19 related prevention measures.

Dedicated Ai Group WHS Advisers will actively engage with your workplace to provide tailored advice and support for managing COVID-19 related WHS risks and other matters relating to employee health, safety and wellbeing. 

Support and advice can be provided to review, update and continuously improve your COVIDSafe plans. On site training sessions will be available to further assist industry in COVIDSafe planning and to share industry best practices.  

If you're interested in a complimentary COVIDSafe plan review or getting access to COVIDSafe resources and tools, call 1300 134 756 or submit an enquiry via the form below:

COVIDSafe Victoria

Access experienced WHS advisers on COVID-19 issues

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