Coronavirus COVID-19 Advice and Resources.

Update on COVID-19 announcements: Northern Territory


Last Update: 11 June 2020

On 11 June 2020, the Physical Distancing directions were revoked. Subsequently, there is no longer a requirement under the directions of the Northern Territory Chief Health Officer to have 4 square metres of space per person in an indoor environment. However, all Territorians should continue to follow the physical distancing principles which are:

  • If possible in the circumstances – keeping 1.5m away from any person who is not a member of the person's family, a friend or an acquaintance; or
  • Otherwise – keeping close contact to less than 15 minutes

Update: 11 May 2020

In the Northern Territory, the next stage of their easing of restrictions begin on Friday, May 15. From noon on that day you can do the following in a two-hour timeframe:

  • Serve and consume food or beverages in a shopping centre food court.
  • Operate and attend restaurants, cafes.
  • Operate and attend a bar, sports or RSL club (alcohol allowed with the consumption of food), excluding gaming activities.
  • Participate in organised training activities for sporting clubs and teams.
  • Operate or attend an indoor market.
  • Operate or attend a beauty therapy salon for (non-facial) services, such as nails, massage and tanning.
  • Operate or attend a studio that provides yoga, Pilates, Zumba, barre, dance classes.
  • Operate or attend physical training activities indoors such as Cross Fit.
  • Operate and attend a gymnasium.
  • Visit a public library or a toy library, or indoor playground.
  • Operate and attend a place used for religious worship.
  • Attend an art gallery, museum, public memorial, public historic site, zoo or wildlife facility.

From noon on Friday, June 5 you can the following as long as prior to resuming operation all businesses and organisations have a COVID-19 Safety plan in place.

  • Operate all licensed gaming activities including a TAB.
  • Resume officiating, participating and supporting the playing of team sports such as football, basketball, soccer and netball.
  • Attend any cinema or theatre, concert hall, music hall, dance hall, nightclub or any other similar entertainment venue in approved configuration.
  • Attend an amusement venue.
  • Attend a bar without food being consumed.
  • Operate and access all previously restricted services at a place that provides beauty therapy and/or cosmetic services including facial care.
  • Operate and access all previously restricted services at a place that provides tattooing or body art such as branding and piercing.
  • Attend an amusement park, community centre, recreation centre or play centre.
  • Attend an arena, stadium, sporting facility including community and sporting competitions with spectators in approved seating configuration. However, if above 500 people the event requires a separately approved COVID-19 Safety Plan.

All businesses, facilities and services previously restricted can now resume ensuring adherence to key principles.