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Ai Group speeches and transcripts - 2014, 2015

Speeches and transcripts are listed below. To find a speech published prior to 2013 see our Speeches archive. Alternatively, use our Search to find the speech you need by entering its title or a relevant keyword.

Published Name
23-Jan-2015 Opinion Piece: Innes Willox on IR Reform to boost the economy, The Australian, 23 January
03-Dec-2014 Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox Interview with Fran Kelly ABC RN, Wednesday 3 December 2014
27-Nov-2014 Interview: Innes Willox discusses impact of Australia-China FTA with Radio 2UE's Stuart Bocking
20-Nov-2014 Innes Willox address to 2014 CFO Strategy Summit, 20 Nov
11-Nov-2014 Innes Willox: Keynote address, Advanced Manufacturing Summit, Sydney, 11 November
07-Nov-2014 ABC Radio AM Program - Friday 7 November 2014 FTA tricky for some, says Australian Industry Group
03-Nov-2014 Transcript: Peter Burn on Australian PMI - Sky Business, 3 November
27-Oct-2014 Interview: Innes Willox discusses "wariness" of Australian manufacturers towards an Australia-China FTA, RN Breakfast, 27 October
16-Oct-2014 Innes Willox speech to Australian Regional Development Conference, Albury, 15 October
13-Oct-2014 Opinion: Fair Terms Needed for China FTA - Innes Willox in Australian Financial Review, 3 September
22-Sep-2014 Nuclear Power Discussion: Innes Willox interview, Radio 2UE Sydney, 22 September
18-Sep-2014 Innes Willox: 'Surviving Australia's next three energy transitions' - Eastern Australia Energy Outlook Conference, 18 September
17-Sep-2014 Opening Statement to Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee: Fair Entitlements Guarantee Amendment Bill 2014, 17 September
17-Sep-2014 Opinion: Submarines decision is more than a simple 'build or buy' choice, Innes Willox, The Australian, 17 September
16-Sep-2014 Australia's Future Submarines: Innes Willox on 'The Business', ABC, 15 September
10-Sep-2014 Transcript of interview with ABC TV Lateline program on the Future Submarine Program.
09-Sep-2014 Australian Industry Group concerned Government will buy Japanese submarines
01-Sep-2014 Innes Willox comments on release of manufacturing index, Australian PMI, ABC The World Today
29-Aug-2014 Innes Willox speech on Workplace Reform and Productivity, ALERA Conference, 29 August
21-Aug-2014 Innes Willox discusses impact of Budget uncertainty on business confidence, ABC News Radio, 28 August
14-Aug-2014 Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Tony Abbott - Speech delivered to Sir William Tyree Address, 8 August
08-Aug-2014 Innes Willox opening remarks at Sir William Tyree address - 8 August
08-Aug-2014 Making Australia More Competitive - speech by Graham Kraehe AO at Sir William Tyree event - 8 August
08-Aug-2014 Speech by Ai Group National President Noel Cornish at the Sir William Tyree event - 8 August
29-Jul-2014 Speech by Innes Willox to 'Future for Manufacturing and Engineering Summit' - 29 July
25-Jul-2014 Speech by Innes Willox at launch of Australian Human Rights Commission report - Supporting working parents: pregnancy, parental leave and return to work national review
23-Jul-2014 Opinion: Gas boom study reveals headache and hope for industry and workers - The Daily Telegraph 23 July 2014
16-Jul-2014 Innes Willox on carbon tax repeal amendments - ABC Lateline program 11 July
11-Jul-2014 Opinion piece by Ai Group Chief Executive Innes Willox 'Rivers of Gold flow to unions' - The Australian newspaper 11 July 2014
27-May-2014 Opinion piece: No easy solutions to the soaring cost of energy - The Australian, 23 May
14-May-2014 Transcript of Innes Willox on Sky Business, 14 May 2014
14-May-2014 Innes Willox on what the Budget means for Business - ABCNews24 breakfast, 14 May
14-May-2014 Business reaction to the Budget - Innes Willox on ABC PM Budget edition - 13 May
01-May-2014 Transcript: Innes Willox on latest manufacturing figures and upcoming Budget - Sky a News Business 1 May
29-Apr-2014 Ai Group Chief Executive on Budget priorities, PPL and GST - ABC AM program 29 April
29-Apr-2014 Innes Willox discussing upcoming budget, deficit levy and PPL - Abc Lateline program 28 April
10-Apr-2014 Opinion piece: Innes Willox on Aust-China FTA - The Australian, 10 April 2014
09-Apr-2014 Innes Willox on Japan FTA - ABC 702 Drive program, 8 April
27-Mar-2014 Innes Willox comments on competition policy review - 27 March
27-Mar-2014 Speech by Australian Industry Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, to the Regulatory Reform conference
20-Mar-2014 Innes Willox on challenges and opportunities for Gippsland businesses - 13 March
13-Mar-2014 Ai Group Chief Executive - Advancing Australian Manufacturing - automotive and beyond - Geelong Manufacturing Council Dinner - 12 March 2014
13-Mar-2014 Innes Willox Speech to Deutsche Investor Mission - Sydney 12 March
07-Mar-2014 Transcript of Innes Willox on the Industry Ten Point Plan - Sky Business with Brooke Corte 6 March 2014
21-Feb-2014 Innes Willox on workplace relations review - ABC AM program 21 February
19-Feb-2014 Speech by Innes Willox - IR debate reaches turning point - Brisbane 19 February
18-Feb-2014 Innes Willox on ABC Radio AM Program discussing NSW retailers push for 20 per cent hike in gas prices
13-Feb-2014 Opinion piece: Innes Willox on the 'age of entitlement' and the role of government to set the fundamental policy settings - The Age online 10 February
12-Feb-2014 Transcript: Innes Willox on manufacturing success stories - ABC 702 Drive Program - 11 February
11-Feb-2014 Innes Willox on the future of manufacturing post Toyota - ABC 720 Perth - 11 February
10-Feb-2014 Innes Willox discussing royal commission into union governance - Sky News 10 February
06-Feb-2014 Opening remarks at Senate Committee hearing into the Government's plans to re-establish the ABCC - 6 February
06-Feb-2014 Innes Willox on Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly discussing AWU grand compact and workplace reform
17-Jan-2014 Opinion piece: Innes Willox on the Federal budget and spending priorities in 2014 - Australian Financial Review 17 January
13-Jan-2014 Innes Willox on boosting skilled migration levels - ABC AM program
12-Dec-2013 Innes Willox discusses manufacturing future following Holden decision - Fran Kelly ABC Radio National
03-Dec-2013 Innes Willox opening remarks to Productivity Commission hearing on automotive industry - Melbourne
28-Nov-2013 Speech by Stephen Smith, Director National Workplace Relations, to the 3rd Annual Ron McCallum Debate - "Should the IR Pendulum swing again?"
13-Nov-2013 Innes Willox address to CFO strategy Summit - 13 November
13-Nov-2013 Ai Group Chief Executive discussing the need to repeal the carbon tax - ABC News24 - 13 November
08-Nov-2013 Ai Group Chief Executive discusses carbon tax repeal and future price reductions - 3AW 8 November 2013
06-Nov-2013 Innes Willox discusses the legislation to repeal the carbon tax - ABC newsradio - 6 November 2013
04-Nov-2013 Innes Willox on low levels of literacy and numeracy in the workplace - ABC AM program 4 November
22-Oct-2013 Ai Group Chief Executive discusses east coast gas crunch - ABC World Today program - 22 October
21-Oct-2013 Speech by Innes Willox to the East Coast Gas Outlook Conference - East Coast gas supply: moving from problems to solutions - 21 October 2013
18-Oct-2013 Opinion Piece: Carbon policy and international credits - Australian Financial Review -18 October
17-Oct-2013 Innes Willox discusses axing the carbon tax and what business wants next - Sky news 16 October
16-Oct-2013 Innes Willox on repealing the carbon tax and what this will mean for business - ABC The World Today - 16 October
09-Oct-2013 Innes Willox on what business wants from high speed broadband - Melbourne 9 October
04-Oct-2013 Speech: Innes Willox on the current economic environment, the new government and key business policies including workplace relations and infrastructure - Melbourne
17-Sep-2013 Innes Willox on the new federal ministry - 2GB - 16 September 2013
10-Sep-2013 Innes Willox on Sky News talking on carbon tax, IR and tax reform
09-Sep-2013 Innes Willox on business expectations of new federal government - Sky News Business - 9 September
28-Aug-2013 Innes Willox speech to the Australian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce Conference - 28 August 2013
14-Aug-2013 Innes Willox discusses the economy and the need for policies to boost productivity - The Australian online - 14 August
22-Jul-2013 21st Labour Law Conference - Speech By Stephen Smith, Director National Workplace Relations, Australian Industry Group
03-Jul-2013 Innes Willox speech on the future of working conditions - 3 July - Melbourne
02-Jul-2013 Innes Willox on carbon policy consultation and the election poll date - Sky News - 2 July
28-Jun-2013 Transcript of Innes Willox interview on the World Today discussing carbon, New PM and 457s
27-Jun-2013 Innes Willox - Sky interview 457 visas/election
26-Jun-2013 The carbon tax one year on - Opinion piece by Innes Willox - The Australian newspaper - 26 June
18-Jun-2013 Innes Willox on proposed 457 visa changes - ABC AM Program - 18 June
11-Jun-2013 Media Conference - Formation of Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council
04-Jun-2013 Innes Willox speech to Swinburne University - 4 June
31-May-2013 Ai Group speech to 'Accord 30 years on' symposium - 31 May
24-May-2013 Ai Group addresses inquiry into Fair Work Amendment Bill - 24 May
23-May-2013 Innes Willox on Ford announcement and the impact on Australian manufacturing - ABC News 24 - 23 May
20-May-2013 Video: Innes Willox discusses the Budget, paid parental leave, workplace relations and the carbon tax on ABC Inside Business program - 19 May
20-May-2013 Interview: Innes Willox discusses the Budget, paid parental leave, workplace relations and the carbon tax on ABC Inside Business program - 19 May
17-May-2013 Innes Willox speech on IR and productivity - AMMA National Conference, Melbourne - 17 May
16-May-2013 Opinion Piece - Innes Willox on structural deficits in the Budget and the need for greater tax reform - The Australian online - 16 May
15-May-2013 Transcript: Business Budget reaction - Innes Willox on Sky News Budget special - 14 May
15-May-2013 Transcript: Innes Willox and Jennifer Westacott discuss the tax measures in this year's Budget - ABC PM program - 14 May
14-May-2013 Transcript: Innes Willox discussing business Budget priorities on 774 Melbourne - 13 May
13-May-2013 Innes Willox discusses the Coalition's IR policy on ABC Radio National Breakfast program - 10 May
13-May-2013 Innes Willox on Business Budget priorities - ABC Insiders Program - 12 May
24-Apr-2013 Innes Willox opening statement to Senate Committee Hearing on Fair Work Amendment bill 2013
10-Apr-2013 Op Ed Innes Willox - Oppositions Broadband Policy - 10 April 2013
09-Apr-2013 Getting productivity right for a modern economy - Innes Willox speech to the Australian Mining Productivity and Competitiveness Summit 2013-04-09
08-Apr-2013 Innes Willox discussing business broadband expectations on ABC's AM Program - 8 April
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